A product of the 1980’s when media exploded in the country, bonny hazuria has been an instinctive photographer, first working in the fashion arena and now, 25 years later as an artist who paints in photography.
Bonny was fascinated by photography very early in life with her father’s work playing a major influence in the years of her apprenticeship. Kitty hazuria, a well-known fashion photographer through the 1970’s and 80’s, helped bonny hone her skills through photographing people and models while bonny was still in college. The fashion industry was only just beginning to boom and this provided bonny with several opportunities to experiment.
In the 90’s bonny realized that faces and people were her forte. She gradually moved away from the commercial and glamorous aspect of her art towards that which reflected her own personal evolution and growing maturity. What draws her now is an inherent beauty, a spiritual calm and an unbroken peace amidst the everyday chaos of human life

The revolution of the mind is constantly changing and growing ,bonny makes an attempt to record uncensored creative impulses that never become one style

After having being part of many group shows her first solo show was in delhi titled “between heaven and earth” in feb 2011 at the visual arts gallery,and many post that time in group shows including the india art fair.

Bonny Hazuria
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